The need for in meeting indicator at home :)

So many of you have gotten accustomed to work from home by now. This pandemic has thrown a lot of challenges at our face when most of us are not ready for. While Work From Home is kind of boon, living with it for a long time comes with its own unique challenges. One of the simplest challenge I have faced in the initial days was to make my family understand that I am in a meeting where Mic/Camera/both are activated. It was becoming difficult sometimes to respond back to the family members for very trivial things while I am…

Minio <-> KES <-> Hashicorp vault

Minio is an S3 compliant data storage service. It can be hosted on premises and even supports distribution across multiple nodes. To meet certain data protection regulations, data is required to be encrypted the moment it is written to disk. Minio supports two types of encryption schemes

  • SSE-S3 (Server side encryption) — Encryption key is managed on server side typically using a KMS
  • SSE-C (Client side encryption) — Encryption key is managed by clients and provided as request headers to Minio

Goal of this blog is to guide you through setting up Minio with server side encryption. For server side…

Initialising repo on Google Drive:

  • clone the repository you wanted to use with google drive into your local work directory.

cd ~/work

git clone

  • Download google file stream app from google(Streams files on demand instead of making entire drive offline)
  • Post installation, login with google email.
  • Let’s say Google Drive is mounted on /Volumes/GoogleDrive folder on your machine.
  • Create repo under /Volumes/GoogleDrive/Shared\ drives/Project\ Drive/work/ using the below command

git init — bare sample-repo

  • In your local work directory, set git remote to google drive’s sample-repo folder and push all the branches, tags etc.

cd ~/work/sample-repo

git remote add origin…

Are autonomous vehicles fit for human driven roads yet?

On a winter morning before the first light

I was going on my bike on a silent road in the early hours of the day. The road looks entirely abandoned as it was one of the most chilling days of winter and I was not expecting anyone coming on to the road. But I was very much ambivalent and kept an eye on both sides of the road as far I can see through the fog. I was also ready to apply the break and stop if at all someone or some animal shows up suddenly. …

Nullconf is one of the largest conferences in security started in 2010 (as I keep hearing that from everyone). This is the first time I have ever attended a security conference and was little over excited too. I had been there for two days and took a load of quite interesting aspects of security domain as a whole. Lot of less known and discussed topics like hardware hacking in real-time, security in the post quantum era, AI in threat detection and mitigation, vulnerability of existing telecom networking infrastructure etc are few highlights of the event.

One of the talks by…

Note: Some terms and definitions may have changed. EKS may have superseded ECS.

You may be a growing business and have to spin and scale your docker containers/services dynamically as your demand grows. All those containers that are created dynamically have to be load balanced, monitored for failures or restarts, autoscaled based on network traffic or based on cluster metrics like CPU and RAM utilization etc.

A container cluster is essentially a collection of docker containers running on multiple machines/servers. In our context of ECS, each and every cluster is specific to a particular docker image that is being run…

[Announcement] “backer-rs” the missing versioned backup utility for boostnote/any note-taking app

“Autosave notes”, it is a pretty important feature for any note taking app. Having autosave enabled and running in the background saves you from loosing any important notes you have taken. We would have felt autosave itself is a kind of backup feature for your notes.

Recently, I had been in a situation where the autosave feature of boostnote misbehaved and lost all my notes till date. It’s a big disappointment.

I have finished my work, wrote a beautiful document on the work I have done on boostnote and left for the day. Next morning, when I logged back in…

Internet of things is a buzz now. In simpler terms, connecting all the things to the internet so that they are monitored and controlled from anywhere.

What is the most common protocol of internet. It is http. You open a browser enter a url and then you see content on your browser. How is that working? When you enter a url, your browser makes http get request to the site and fetches the content.

Likewise multiple methods are supported for http like post, put, delete etc.

How does http work internally?
Http is equipped with lot of headers to actually…

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

I am a tech enthusiast and I love to attend lot of meetups, conferences, events etc. The reason I attend them is

  • to get introduced to new technologies
  • hear perspectives of people on technologies known to me

Key Takeaways

  • Erlang provides lightweight processes, immutability, distribution with location transparency, message passing, supervision behaviors and many other high-level, dynamic features that make it great for fault-tolerant, highly available, and scalable systems.
  • Unfortunately, Erlang is less than optimal at doing low-level stuff such as XML parsing, since dealing with anything that comes from outside of the Erlang VM into it is tedious
  • For this kind of use cases, one could be tempted to consider a different language. …


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